VMWT1 - Yakan Tennun (traditional cloth) - Table Runner, Wall Decor, or Scarf

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ONLY ONE PIECE! A one-of-a kind, beautiful, handwoven fabric that can be used as a table runner, wall decor or scarf — it is a guaranteed stunning accent to any room or wardrobe!

It is hand made, woven through backstrap looms by the indigenous people of Yakan from Mindanao, Philippines. This particular diamond design is called “bunga-sama”, inspired by the python’s skin and is a traditional motif used by Yakan weavers. 

Yakan weaving is often described as unique because every piece is handwoven to reflect the weavers intention and choices— the pattern combinations, the mix of colors, the size and width of the fabric. It is hard to find anything exactly like this fabric and it is a great testament to Filipino craftsmanship and creativity. 

  • 100% handmade
  • Unique ethnic style 
  • 210 cm x 45 cm (excluding tassels)
  • Supporting Filipino traditional artisans

About the Yakan 

The Yakans are the indigenous people native to Basilan, one of islands in the southern tip of the Philippines. The women are legendary for their mastery of weaving. Their geometric and intricate designs and the kaleidoscope of colors are truly eye-catching. 

Because of armed conflicts decades ago, many Yakans fled from their homeland and got dispersed across Mindanao, including a settlement in Zamboanga. Their woven fabric or "tennun" is part of the Yakan heritage and identity. These are used for ceremonies and traditional attire. Older Yakan weavers work hard to pass on the age-old knowledge to the younger generation whilst creating livelihood for their communities through their hand looms.

By purchasing their products, you are not only supporting their means of income but also helping preserve their way of life.


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