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Barong Warehouse is here for you! We have sold all over the world, but our barong tagalog and Filipiniana designs are proudly made in the Philippines.


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Barong Bridges

Get to Know Barong Tagalog Fabrics – Organza, Jusi, Pina, and More

by Barong Warehouse

Just like there are many variations for other types of garments, the Barong Tagalog comes in different types of fabrics such as the Organza, Jusi, Pina, and others. They range in quality, softness, opaqueness, thickness, price and other factors. 

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Barong Tagalog for Men – The Perfect Fit

by Barong Warehouse

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Size Charts

Please refer to the size charts below. Our Barongs and Filipiniana designs are authentically made in the Philippines and Filipino sizes are usually one RTW size smaller than most Western (US/EU/etc.) sizes.

The measurements are of the garment(s) and NOT the person wearing the barong. The Barong is usually a loose fit around the Chest, Waist, and Hips with small allowances on the Collar, Cuff, and Armhole and exact measurements on the Shoulder, Sleeve and Back Lengths. 

BW TIP: If you do not have a measuring tape, use any safe wire or string, mark your measurement with your finger, and check the length with a ruler.

Please do NOT give us measurements for custom orders based on the size charts below. Refer to our Measurement Guide instead for custom order barongs.



BW Men's Size Chart

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BW Camisa de Chino Size Chart

The measurements are of the garment(s) and NOT the person wearing the shirt. Click here to shop for your Camisa de Chino now.



Barong Warehouse - Kimona and Women's Barong Size Chart

The measurements are of the garment(s) and NOT the person wearing the item. Click here to shop for Women's items now.



BW - Boys' Barong Tagalog Size Chart

The measurements are of the garment(s) and NOT the person wearing the barong. Click here to shop for Kids' items now.

For the Filipino t-shirts, outerwear, and other items, the size chart or dimensions can be found on each individual product page or please inquire with us at info@barongwarehouse.com.



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