For your convenience, copy below text and paste it with your information into your email to us or in the Order instructions box in your cart.

Due Date:

1) Neck:
2) Shoulder:
3) Chest:
4) Over Arm:
5) Waist:
6) Hip:
7) Wrist:
8) Sleeve Length:
9) Arm Hole:
10) Bicep:
11) Back Length:
12) Height:

***Please make sure Back Length is 3-6" longer than Sleeve Length. This will avoid the hanging top look, which most barong wearers don't want.

***NO ALLOWANCES are needed. We put in the allowances for you.

Then, follow the steps below:

1. Purchase a custom order barong from our site by choosing CUSTOM ORDER on the Size drop-down menu.
2. Follow the instructions below for measuring. *For the short-sleeve length, please measure from the tip of the shoulder to 1" above the elbow.
3. Send us your height, due date, and measurements with your order # to or leave in Notes Box at checkout.
4. Tell us any changes in design. You may change the collar style (Options: Sports/Regular or Chinese/Mandarin) or fabric color or embroidery design or color.
5. Please wait 1 month for us to deliver your barong (2 months for hand-embroidered, hand-painted or hand-woven barongs).
6. Repeat the process as often as you wish :)


*Please note: Once payment, measurements, and custom design needs have been given to us, you can no longer change it. Please be 100% sure of all the information you give us.


Barong Warehouse - Measurement Guide for Barong Tagalog - 2016