Different Types of Barong Tagalog for Different Occasions
By: Carlo Castillo


Choosing what to wear for a formal or a semi-formal occasion can easily be solved by opting for a barong. However, a single barong won’t fit in every event. Having multiple options can provide variety and also assist you in matching the perfect look for the specific occasion. 

Barong Warehouse Different Types Barong Tagalog

There are specific barong styles that fit highly formal events such as weddings, state dinners, and balls. Some barongs showcase a perfect mix of mildly formal and mildly casual. Some are fit for dinner parties or work purposes. A barong tagalog has different types of design styles that are associated with their specific function or use. 

Barong for Formal and Semi-formal Events

There are different formal occasions such as weddings, inaugurations, balls, and charity/award dinners—no need to worry if you are unsure whether the event is a formal one or not. Usually, formal events send proper invites to attendees and indicate that guests must wear formal attire. The Barong Tagalog is the number one choice when it comes to formal events. The classic and traditional style offered by the barong Tagalog goes well whether you are a guest, a guest-of-honor, or a host. A barong tagalog provides the most authentic Filipino formalwear unique with its distinct class.   

Semi-formal events are usually business functions, launches, conventions, press conferences, dances, and cotillions. These events are not 100% stated as semi-formal, and the best move is to confirm with the event’s organizer/s. As soon as you have confirmed the required attire, the choice of barong is not that difficult because a barong for a formal occasion would be enough for a semi-formal one. 

White Barong Tagalog: Go-To Option for Various Occasions

The white barong tagalog is as traditional as it gets when it comes to Filipino formal wear. Often paired with black pants (slacks) and black shoes, the white Barong Tagalog may be considered the signature Filipino upper garment for men. If you are unsure which barong to wear, this one is the top go-to option that works for different formal occasions. Wearing this classic white barong provides a distinguished and respectable look.

Off-White Barong Tagalog: The More Subtle Formal Alternative

If you don’t want to wear a pure white barong Tagalog for a formal event, the off-white barong is your best alternative. It showcases a more subtle tone, but the level of class is similar to the pure white barong. The more earthly theme presents a more sociable and less stately appeal. Even if the event features a lot of men wearing the more dominant white choice, this barong blends particularly well.

Black Organza Barong: Less Formal Occasions

A black organza barong looks stylish and sophisticated. It offers the similar comfort provided by a jusilyn barong. However, the organza is more impressive in terms of presenting the black pigments. A monochromatic black organza with embroidery offers a more modern take on the barong Tagalog. This will be a perfect choice if you want to present a little less formal look. 

 Barong Warehouse - Jusilyn Barong Tagalog Aqua Blue Teal

Colored Jusilyn Barong: Best for Themed Events

One reason that makes the barong interesting and appealing is that it can enhance color gradients. There will be certain times when you don’t want to stick with a white or black barong. A colored Jusilyn barong would be the most fitting solution for that. 

When an event calls for a specific theme color, a jusilyn colored barong is your best option. This type of barong is made of silk plus synthetic material that offers a close resemblance to the traditional jusi. A jusilyn barong presents higher opacity than other barong fabrics, thus producing more vibrant and brighter colors. 

Gusot Mayaman: The Work or Office Barong

A barong can make anyone look respectable and stylish. However, certain types of barong can make you look overdressed. Barongs offer a comfortable and light feel that makes them an excellent option even on more casual occasions.

A short-sleeved barong fits in nicely for an officewear look. The Gusot Mayaman barong offers comfortable work attire as it is made of cool and light fabric. This type of barong is not just for office attire as it also looks and functions well while on the field. Just a tip, if a major presentation is required at the office, it is highly suggested to change outfit and choose a long-sleeve barong Tagalog. 

Bihis Mayaman Barong: Short Sleeves for Casual Wear

The Bihis Mayaman barong is a short sleeve option that can be used for casual wear but does not lose the respectable look. This option is perfect for casual get-togethers. You won’t be regarded as overdressed with a Bihis Mayaman barong and still attend a meeting with business associates in the morning and party with your officemates in the evening. This take on the barong presents a more modern style blended with embroidery to showcase a slightly sophisticated look. 

The Versatility of the Barong

Who would have thought a hundred years ago that a barong could be used for so many occasions? It was previously regarded as an exclusive attire for formal events but now has grown into a versatile option to wear even on casual occasions. The Barong Tagalog has come a long way and has continued to evolve through the years. Global recognition of this traditional Filipino formalwear has also been on the rise.

Barong Warehouse Redefining Philippine Classics

If you want to have that go-to attire in your closet that fits different types of occasions, it is highly recommended that you have multiple barong options. Whether you need formal attire, casual attire, or office attire, there are multiple barong options that could fit your needs. You can never go wrong with a white one while a black one could offer a more sophisticated look. Whether you need a short sleeve or a long sleeve attire, there are barongs for all types of occasions. Always keep in mind that Filipino culture and tradition are best reflected while wearing a barong. 

Wear a barong with pride and choose from our barong collection here at Barong Warehouse.


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