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by Carlo Castillo

There’s more to a barong than meets the eye. Choosing the best barong Tagalog to buy may seem daunting for some people, especially those who have no idea about traditional Filipino clothing. For Filipinos, the barong is a constant attire that can be seen in most, if not all, special family events. 

Do you want to stand out from the crowd even if all men in the event might wear a barong Tagalog? Many factors contribute to selecting the perfect barong Tagalog for men. Let this be your guide to help check all the boxes before deciding to purchase one.

Choose the Barong Tagalog Fabric for Your Specific Need

The Barong Tagalog comes in different fabric variations - piña, jusi, jusilyn, and organza. The materials range in quality, price, opaqueness, softness, and thickness, amongst other considerations. 

Piña (Pineapple)

The Piña barong Tagalog has been the premier type of barong that exudes elegance. Piña is a fabric from the fine and delicate fibers of pineapple leaves. It presents a yellow tinge or light gold color. 

If you take a closer look at the fabric, you can discover many interwoven fibers with uneven thickness. The act of extracting these fibers is already labor-intensive, making this type of barong Tagalog pricier than others.


Organza fabric is considered the most cost-efficient among all types of barong Tagalog. It is made from silk and polyester and presents a sheer and transparent material. Organza barong tagalog offers a shinier look and works perfectly for stage performances. 

If you want to be relatively low-key on a particular occasion, then this might not be the best choice for you. The organza barong Tagalog is a budget-friendly option.


The Jusi barong Tagalog is made from a silk-type material. Compared to the organza, jusi is more opaque and softer on the skin. It is used for different kinds of colored barong Tagalog. 

Jusi is one of the go-to fabric types that is used for formal occasions.


The Jusilyn barong Tagalog has a fabric that is almost similar to Jusi. It has a more opaque look compared to Jusi. 

The mechanically woven fabric is usually made from silk, polyester, and cotton. The aim of this material is to mimic Jusi. When it comes to price, Jusilyn is easier on the budget compared to Jusi. 

Your Color Choice Makes a Statement

The common perception of people about a barong Tagalog is that it typically comes in white or off-white colors. A white barong usually conveys a respectable look, and that contributes to the formalwear’s appeal. 

If you are going to a themed occasion, a colored barong Tagalog is usually required to complement the event. There are specific types of barong that present the best-colored looks, such as organza, jusi, and jusilyn. New styles such as the monochromatic barong are being incorporated to add a more modern feel to the barong Tagalog. 

Custom-Fit Barong Tagalog Presents a Smarter Look

There are ready-to-wear options available for purchase, but a barong Tagalog tailored fit can showcase a smart look, especially at formal events. A professionally customized barong is perfect for these occasions as loose clothing is typically utilized for casual gatherings. Looking sleek and smart with a custom-tailored barong adds to the respectable appeal that it conveys. 

Pick the Collar Style Accordingly

The structured collar option is the classic choice for a barong Tagalog. Having a very loose collar would ruin any barong tagalog’s respectable aura. The collar is one of the most critical parts of the barong Tagalog as it adds to the established aura being showcased by the entire ensemble. 

The Mandarin collar style has recently become an excellent option, but if you don’t have a long neck, it’s best to opt for the classic collar.

Cuffs and Sleeves Should Complement the Collar

For formal occasions, the cuff looks best when it sits cleanly on the wrist. It should be stiff as well. The cuffs, sleeves, and collar should complement each other to complete the barong tagalog’s overall appeal. Those who fail to consider these factors tend to present a lousy look.

Make Sure You Have the Pieces to Pair with Your Barong Tagalog

To complete your look, your barong Tagalog should also be paired with the most appropriate clothing pieces. An undershirt is critical as a barong Tagalog is usually made with slightly transparent fabrics. A white long-sleeve or Camisa de chino are your best options. Undershirts should always be tucked in. A barong Tagalog usually looks best with clean slacks and black dress shoes. They complete the ensemble and make the barong stand out even more.

When it comes to office wear or barong short-sleeved uniforms, a white T-shirt would be comfortable enough as an undershirt.

Keep it Simple and Classy

The barong Tagalog has been evolving through the decades as more embroidery and designs are being incorporated into traditional formalwear. However, a barong Tagalog with a simple design should not be undermined. A pure white barong Tagalog holds that respectable image even without any flashy buttons or intricate linings included. This is what makes a barong so uniquely effective. 

Essential Takeaways

Barong Tagalog for men showcases Filipino tradition at its finest. There is a barong Tagalog for different occasions: formal, semi-formal, or even casual gatherings. This traditional Filipino attire offers comfort, style, and a vibe that exudes decency and respect. Make sure that you consider all the factors before you decide on which barong Tagalog to buy.

Having a set of barong Tagalogs in your closet for different occasions may be your wisest decision. Always keep in mind that you need to complete the ensemble that goes together with the barong Tagalog. The undershirt, collar, cuffs, sleeves, slacks, and shoes are all essential to showcase the style and beauty of a barong Tagalog. 

Whether it’s your first purchase or not, make every barong Tagalog count as it connects you with the Filipino culture and tradition. You will never regret making that purchase as soon as you wear that barong tagalog in public.

Looking for the best barong tagalog for a specific occasion? Check out our barong tagalog collection here at Barong Warehouse. 

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