Abra Rainbow Shawl 01

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The colorful shawl embodies joy in our everyday lives! From Makabayan Wear, and made by the weavers of Abra, Philippines, this vibrant shawl is called 'Kantarines'--- from the root word 'kanta' or to sing in Filipino. In the olden days, the weavers used to sing together while weaving these fabric in their traditional wooden looms.
* Length x Width: 71" x 7" (180cm x 18 cm) - These are rough measurements, and can vary slightly due to the hand-woven nature of the product

* Handwoven Polyester

* Lightweight and comfortable against the skin

* 10% of sales goes to community projects

Not only is this handmade, it helps to sustain Philippine local livelihood through
fashionable and versatile wear.
Disclaimer: Photo may slightly differ from actual item due to photoshoot lighting and screen monitors. Message us to request for more photos.

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