Follow the steps 1-5 and notes below for CUSTOM ORDER:

1. Purchase a custom barong from our site by choosing CUSTOM ORDER on the Size options.

2. Follow the instructions in the photos below for measuring. 

*For the Short-Sleeve Length, please measure from the tip of the shoulder to 1" above the elbow.

For your convenience, download the excel sheet below by clicking on the link. You can fill in the excel sheet for the measurements of one person or more. 

Barong Warehouse - Measurements Excel Sheet

Or copy the following and input the info in the Order instructions box in your cart.

Name of Wearer:

Due Date:

1) Neck:

2) Shoulder:

3) Chest:

4) Over Arm:

5) Waist:

6) Hip:

7) Wrist:

8) Sleeve Length:

9) Arm Hole:

10) Bicep:

11) Back Length:

12) Height:

13) Weight:


*Please make sure Back Length is 3-6" longer than Sleeve Length. This will avoid the hanging top look, which most barong wearers don't want.

*NO ALLOWANCES are needed. We put in the allowances for you.

3. Send us your measurements with your Order # to or leave in Notes Box at checkout.

4. Tell us any changes in design. 

You may change the collar style (Options: Sports/Regular or Chinese/Mandarin) or fabric color or embroidery design or color.

5. Please wait 1 month for us to deliver your barong (2 months for hand-embroidered, hand-painted or hand-woven barongs).

*Last note: Once payment, measurements, and custom design needs have been given to us, you can no longer change it. Please be 100% sure of all the information you give us.

Barong Warehouse - Measurement Guide for Barong Tagalog - 2016


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