VMWA2 - Itneg Light Cape

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Unique and beautifully made, this cape is rich in texture, colors, and meaning. It is 100% handmade by an Itneg family of traditional artisans, who have been weaving and sewing over several generations in Abra, Philippines. 

The Itneg indigenous people are renowned for their distinct hand-sewn embroidery of ceremonial blankets used as heirloom pieces. The lightweight fabric was handwoven using a traditional wooden loom. Locally called Kantarines, legend has it that these colorful stripes were handwoven while the weavers sang (tagalog of sing = kanta).

The panels were stitched together by hand. It was embroidered with traditional Itneg designs such as lizard for good luck, frog for fertility and prosperity, spider for protection of weavers, and the stick figures of man and woman dancing.

  • Because this product was handmade, it is guaranteed to be one of a kind
  • Free size 
  • Hand sewn, Hand-woven
  • Colorful and unique ethnic design goes with many outfits

About the Itneg indigenous community:

The Itnegs (Ilocano), or Tingguian as what the Spanish conquistadors referred to them (meaning 'mountain dwellers), is a group of indigenous people from Abra, northern Philippines. They are known for their handwoven ceremonial blankets with intricate hand sewn, colorful motifs reflecting their community, beliefs and the wild life that surrounds them.

Today, the Itnegs hand make outerwear, skirts, and scarves that are modern but they still apply traditional techniques and designs. 


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