Maranao Okir Embroidery Unisex Blazer - Blue


Size: S
Sale price€132,95 EUR


From the Maranao (the People of the Lake), be full of life wherever you go in this exquisite blazer. 

  • Fabric: 100% Catrina Polyester
  • Embroidery: Okir design through Langkit, a traditional Maranao weave known for curvilinear plant-based motifs, which are handwoven on a backstrap loom that originated in Mindanao, Philippines. 
  • Sizing: Model is wearing a 2XL, but usually wears a PH XL (what our site uses) or US L. If you are a size US L, we recommend ordering a PH XL with us. 
  • By purchasing this garment, you are helping support the livelihood of the Maranao people and continuing their beautiful artisan tradition of Langkit embroidery.

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