Sulit Sarap Box

Frequency: One Box
Sale price$29.99 USD


Miss food from the Philippines? We have the ultimate treat for you. The Sulit Sarap Box comes with:

  1. CHIPPY Corn Chips (Barbecue Flavor)
  2. NOVA Multigrain Snacks (Country Cheddar Flavor)
  3. CEBU Dried Mangoes
  4. CHOCO MALLOWS Chocolate-Covered Marshmallow Biscuits
  5. CHOC-NUT Peanut Milk Chocolate
  6. BOY BAWANG Cornick (Garlic Flavor)
  7. WHITE KING Champ-O-Rado
  8. KNORR Sampaloc Siinigang Mix
  9. KNORR Pork Broth Cubes
  10. LUCKY MEI Instant Pancit Canton (Original Flavor)
  11. LUCKY MEI Instant Pancit Canton (Kalamansi Flavor)
  12. LUCKY MEI Instant Pancit Canton (Extra Hot Chili Flavor)

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