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Chelo of BW

Chelo of Barong Warehouse, photo by Markus Jentes


My name is Chelo. Most of you returning customers have corresponded with me: Chelo of BW. I am also a performing artist for two decades now under the stage name: Chelo Aestrid. I have done my share of singing, dancing, acting, writing, and doing many other odd-end artistic jobs in different countries over the years. What people don't know about me is that I graduated with a Summa Cum Laude degree in Business Administration and my family does business...various businesses. But the one that I grew up taking care of and still do to this day is a clothing store in Los Angeles called BennieBebe Fashions.

I was 16 years old when BennieBebe first started in some mini-mall in the San Fernando Valley. On the summer before I was to start college in Architecture, I got grounded (long story, so let's not bother about that). LOL. I was grounded! I was 17 at the time and had just finished high school, but I was not allowed to go anywhere but home and the store during that school break. So during that time this was my life: I sold clothes, fixed all the displays, and made all the signs and store displays on Paint on our now ancient Windows computer. My mom wanted to sell general fashion, collectibles, and house decor. And, in a small corner of the store was one rack of barong tagalog and that is how we started selling these garments. 

Anyway since then, the only other paying jobs I ever had besides the ones in the performing or creative arts was selling clothes. In London, while finishing my Bachelor's Degree the only job I could find was working as a Sales Associate for the mainstream brand, Warehouse (I only realize now the irony of the name of that brand). And then when I danced for the Philippine Allstars, a Hip-Hop Dance group in Manila, I became Head of Merchandise. Eventually, I formed a streetwear clothing company in Manila called Capital G. We had a super cool urban store in Robinsons Galleria that also sold independent music, DJ equipment, and various other street accessories. At the back of the store, we also held dance and performing arts classes and had different types of urban events. It was all a lot of fun, but the market couldn't sustain us and we had to close our store. This was probably one of the biggest heart aches of my life.

In 2013, after the Capital G store was closed, I went back to LA to try to help my family by putting BennieBebe's products online. But working with family proved to be difficult, because my mother and I had some disagreements about structure and pricing. She's old-school and I'm new...you know, typical generational gap issues. So I thought: I'll just sell on my own the best selling product and then I could show her my vision and then maybe she'll understand.

So I started selling barongs to the world taking in all the lessons from all the retail activities I've been a part of. I wanted a name that conveyed the slogan: Quality Barong Tagalog at the Lowest Prices. Since I'm selling barongs, of course "Barong" would be in the name and since Filipinos love shopping at affordable warehouses like Costco, I added "Warehouse" as well.

What I love about selling barongs are the facts that our barongs are sourced entirely from the Philippines (helping keep the livelihood of local communities there as well as continuing the country's time-honored traditions of embroidery, weaving, and painting) and our barongs get to travel across the globe. We have sold all over North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and Africa. It is absolutely such an exciting thrill for me when I think of how many special events we have been a small part of and how we help make our customers look and feel good.

So that is the story of Barong Warehouse and I. We have different teams that take care of various things for your barong needs. Please e-mail us at info@barongwarehouse.com for any of your queries and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

On behalf of Barong Warehouse, thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to servicing all of your Barong Tagalog and Filipiniana needs. 

Here for you,

Chelo of BW

To learn more about what I'm up to creatively, please google "Chelo Aestrid" or check out my entire bio here.


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