FB25 - Pinoy Homegrown Vegetable Recipes by: Sicat and Laciapag - Filipino Recipe Book

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Written by Ma. Aurora L. Sicat and Jose A. Laciapag

from Sound Publishing Corporation

Popular Filipino Vegetable Dishes

Combining formal and informal cooking in the kitchen, Sicat is the brains behind this book while Laciapag is the cross-checker of ingredients and procedure of each recipe. This is a cookbook filled with yummy and vegetarian recipes. Like the title suggests, the ingredients found in this cookbook are readily available in the market so there's no excuse anymore for you not serve healthy dishes. Vegetable dishes are far cheaper than meat dishes. And you need not compromise the flavor. Whether or not you cook for others to stay healthy, one thing is for sure, a vegetarian and healthy diet will make you live longer.

  • 208 color pages
  • 9" x 6" x .5"

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