FB22 - Rice to the Occasion by: Chef Tatung Sarthou - Filipino Recipe Book

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Written by Chef Tatung Sarthou

from Foresight Books

"Life lessons from the kitchen" through delicious Filipino rice dishes

"Learning to cook was one of my fondest memories as a young boy. Cooking was not only fun, but also an engaging activity that taught me how to work with my hands, and become methodical and intuitive at the same time. It taught me to follow directions and repeat what I was instructed to do. But it also developed creativity, the more I cooked, the more I understood the fundamentals, and the freer I felt to cook without recipes.

"More important, this cooking--more specifically, the recipes found in this book--allows children to immerse in their heritage of their family and community and develop values attuned to our culture, which is essential to self-identity and connectedness to their roots. This will foster not just a sense of independence, but also a sense of community."

-Chef Tatung Sarthou

  • 63 full color pages
  • 8" x 8" x .2"

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