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Filipino Barong Worn by Philippine Volcanoes Rugby Player Chris Everingham

by Barong Warehouse

Chris Everingham in Barong Warehouse with Malaysian folk dancers

In November 2013, Chris Everingham, a model, businessman, and player from the Philippine National Rugby Team, the Volcanoes, wore a Filipino barong tagalog to represent for his country in a Malaysian TV show.

The show is called Explore Quest Malaysia and it was sponsored by Malaysia’s tourism board. Chris along with his girlfriend, Sheena Very Cruz, an international choreographer and host, were chosen as ambassadors for the Philippines alongside other ambassadors from other Asian countries.

Because of their contribution to the sports and dance communities, the couple is a great example of Filipinos making a difference on the international scene. Their following was seen by the TV show as a great network to promote Malaysian tourism alongside Chris and Sheena’s efforts to spread awareness of the Filipino culture to the Malaysian people.

Chris Everingham in a Jusi Barong Tagalog from Barong Warehouse

When the ambassadors had to showcase their national culture, Chris thought of wearing a barong tagalog naturally. Barong Warehouse was more than honored to sponsor the barong he wore for the showcase.

“It was the only item I associated with Filipino men's cultural attire. I felt it is stateman-like and quite good actually. It is of nice quality and well made,” Chris said about the Jusi barong tagalog he wore from Barong Warehouse.

Chris Everingham in Barong Warehouse with Malaysian folk dancers

When asked what was his experience like in the Malaysian TV show, he states, “It was an unforgettable experience. We experienced the culture of Malaysia, the people and we had the opportunity to contribute to Malaysia and the show itself. We represented the Philippines as best we could.”

It is always delightful to see Filipinos proudly represent for their country abroad and in a traditional Filipino barong to boot. Barong Warehouse thanks Chris Everingham for doing such a wonderful job on Explore Quest Malaysia and wishes him all the best in his future endeavors.

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